Lamasco Accounting Software Launch

Since late last year, many of our clients have been getting company financial data migration notifications on the billing & accounting system that we always recommended to our clients, Wave Accounting, due to their support and services now being solely dedicated to the United States & Canada based businesses only going forward.

Since many of our clients contacted us for alternative methods in this situation, we still didn't know which other service provider as good as Wave Accounting we should recommend for their businesses after looking up multiple billing systems including: Zoho, Xero, Sage, QuickBooks etc.

At Lamasco Group, we're excited to announce the new Software as a service (SaaS) subsidiary company called "Lamasco Accounting".
We dedicated sleepless nights during these tough times building these sophisticated systems to simplify our clients' operations while saving them money.
We're offering a generous Free Plan and affordable premium pricing plans that grow with your business.

Visit to get started today.